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2018-04-23 update

Not that I was in any doubt, but Facebook’s response to GDPR completely confirms that I have made the right decision. “Think you can protect your citizens’ data, European Union? Fuck you, we’ll just move it all to a different jurisdiction.” I expect the EU to challenge this in the courts, but it demonstrates yet again the fundamental arrogance of the company.

Original article

I’m going to be deleting my Facebook account.

This is moderately annoying, as it is quite a handy way to stay in touch with various friends and family. But the ongoing revelations about the simply appalling way they have handled personal data mean I can’t in all conscience keep my account open.

Facebook friends have received a message with lots of other ways to get in contact with me. If you think you should have these, drop me an email.

If you feel inspired to join the #deleteFacebook campaign, you might find these links helpful:

If you plan to keep using Facebook, I do strongly recommend that you do so in a web browser. If you install the apps (Facebook itself, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram) you are opening yourself up to them filching all sorts of data from your phone.

Google - I realise it’s a bit perverse to give more data to Google. Their business model is essentially indistinguishable from Facebook, and they’re bigger. (So far, they do seem to have behaved a bit more like grownups.) I do avoid some of Google’s more obvious snares: I don’t use their search engine, I use - I have a gmail address, but all my real email goes to a system that I run myself - I use Firefox rather than Chrome for my web browser.