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rc: a shell

First, apologies to fans of rc that I haven't done anything with it for, errm, somewhere over 10 years. It is a testament to the quality of Byron's code (and perhaps my modest changes), as well as to the endurance and stability of Unix and the command line, that the code still builds and works.

Nevertheless, time moves on. Email and web addresses change (mine have been particularly volatile in the last several years). New versions of autoconf and friends are released. rc even had the dubious honour of being named in a CVE! (Don't worry, it was only the technically unsafe creation of temp files in the test suite.) And, I'm sorry to say, some bugs have come to light.

I want to publicly thank Christian Neukirchen and Jakub Wilk (the maintainer of the Debian port of Byron's rc) for their gentle harassment and encouragement.

The development tree of rc has most of these problems straightened out, and a new release is imminent. I'm still scratching my head over a report from Christian that quoting in functions is still broken. My fix for Wolfgang Zekoll's bug, way back in 2001, was right in spirit, but wrong in detail...

No, on second thoughts it was just plain wrong, and broke more important things along the way! More on that in the hacking notes.

The new release of rc is now available