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Letter to my MP about Drugs and Censorship

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Julian White <> wrote:
>A mis-used phrase. The Conservative Party wants people to act in a
>self-responsible manner, and to look after themselves and their families,

Ah, so you think suicide should be made illegal again?

>And you haven't detailed what you believe the benefits of legalising E are.

Oh come on.  How many times do we have to go through this?

1. It will benefit the users: they will have ecstasy of known purity
and strength.

2. It will benefit the treasury: they can tax it.

3. It will benefit customs and the police: they will no longer have
to waste resources attempting to control the drug.

4. It will benefit parents who wish their chilren not to take
ecstasy: at the moment, dealers are breaking the law whether they
sell to an adult or a child, so there's no incentive for them to
sell only to adults.

5. It will benefit the (to be) legitimate businesses which produce
and distribute ecstasy, as well as the (currently) legitimate
businesses that run clubs, produce bottled water, make fluorescent
slinkies, etc.

>The benefit of beef is that it is healthy, it tastes nice, it keeps farmers
>in work, the cows look nice in the field, it provides a lot of investment
>and security. These are benefits to society, not just for the individual.

The benefit of ecstasy is that it is healthy(*), it feels bloody
marvellous, it keeps DJs in work, and the lights look nice in your
head.  I don't think beef provides any more investment or security
than any other legitimate business, so we can chalk those up to
ecstasy too, once it's legalized.

(*) Pure conjecture, but I seriously think it's possible that the
positive health effects of ecstasy, chiefly the physical exercise
of dancing all night, outweigh the negative ones.  The claim is no
more ludicrous than an unqualified "beef is healthy".

Tim Goodwin   | "continuous witter about large metal wanking
Cambridge, UK | machines" -- Robin Fairbairns, about uk.transport.

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◅ Letter to my MP about Drugs and Censorship

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