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What is the truth about drugs ?

In article <>, The Famous Druid
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>1.  The stuff stinks, if legalised, people would smoke the stuff
>in public places, and it takes _ages_ to clear away the smell.

This seems like an argument for criminalising noxious smells, rather
than legalising cannabis.

I expect that regulations covering legalised cannabis would be an
approximate union of the current tobacco and alcohol legislation.  For

    no smoking in public (remember that in many (most? all?) places
    drinking alcohol in public is now illegal);

    licensing of vendors, both for on and off sales;

    no sale to, or for, persons under 18;

    health warnings;

    no advertising at all;


>2.  It's effect lasts longer than alcohol.

Others have pointed out that this is probably untrue.  Even if it were,
with accurate education (something a little more detailed than `once
you're high you can only come down'), and appropriate impairment tests,
this needn't be a problem.

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◅ What is the truth about drugs ?

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