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What is the truth about drugs ? ▻

What is the truth about drugs ?

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Richard Caley <> wrote:
>m> More to the point, it's too damn easy to grow your own.
>I suspect that if the legalised it, growing your own would still be
>illegal, as distilling your own whisky is.

It's a *weed*.  Not native to the UK, of course, but I believe it will
do its darnedest to grow wild, given half a chance.  There are urban
legends of grannies being nicked after discarded budgie seed took root
in the garden...

I suppose the psilocybin laws could be used as a model: the mushrooms
themselves are not illegal, but any attempt (or intent?) to extract the
active ingredient is.

>If for no other reason, they'd have to pay off the tobacco companies
>somehow, and giving them a monopoly would bet the easiest.

As others have pointed out, I don't think the tobacco companies are
worried (does anyone know for sure if Philip Morris have trademarked
`Marley', or is that another UL?).

If the pro-hemp lobby is to be believed, it's the oil companies that
have a vested interest in keeping it illegal.  Apparently, hemp oil
would be a viable commercial alternative to mineral oil.

Anyone got any news from Germany since the decriminalization a couple of
months ago?


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What is the truth about drugs ? ▻