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Email confidentiality

In article <waQdbeA0$>,
Roland Perry  <> wrote:
>                                               This might result in ISPs
>being licenced to handle email, for example; or there might be an
>industry self-regulating body (like the ASA or Press Complaints).


Why do so many people misunderstand the Internet mail model?

ISPs are not in the business of shifting mail messages.  They are
in the business of shifting IP packets.

Mail on the Internet should be delivered direct from the originator's
host to the recipients' hosts.  Fallback MX records taint the "point
to point" model somewhat, but most people use them because they
find the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.  They are by no means

The Internet is neither UUCP nor X.400 (thank goodness), nor even
the Royal Mail, all of which use the inferior "store and forward"
model of message handling.

Tim Goodwin
PIPEX Postmaster

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Subject: Re: Email confidentiality
Date: 8 Dec 1995 14:34:59 GMT
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