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How do I send mail to an X400 address ?

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(Chris Paine) writes:
>Does anybody know how I can send email to an X400 address ?

There are no general gateways between the Internet and the connected
X.400 world (if you've ever seen the charges made by X.400 ADMDs,
you'll appreciate why I can make that statement with some certainty),
so for communication to be possible you need either a gateway run by
your Internet service provider, or a gateway run by the ADMD of the
person you are trying to contact.

>                                                             At least I
>think its X400, the site info I have is as follows: \c=GB, \admd=gold400,

Yup, that's certainly an X.400 O/R (originator/recipient) address.
Unfortunately, BT (whose ADMD name is Gold 400) do not provide a
gateway to the Internet, and---so far as I know---none of the UK's
commercial Internet providers offer gateways to the connected X.400
world.  So I think you're out of luck.

It is always worth asking your X.400 correspondent to try sending a
message to you.  If it gets through, it should have a replyable

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