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In article <87un55$f40$>,
Ian G Batten  <> wrote:
>that English is Latin --- that's one word (I don't know enough Latin to
>give an example)

    amare - to love
    stare - to stand

(OK, so I can't remember anything beyond the first conjugation.  So
shoot me.)  If these don't rattle your box, how about French?

    aimer - to love
    oublier - to forget

Or Spanish?

    amar - to love
    tener - to have

As it happens, German has single-word infinitives, too, but since it's
not a Romantic language, it's less relevant.

>                                             This argument is, of
>course, utter bollocks.

The argument is bollocks, and there is nothing wrong with "to boldly
go".  However, I'm inclined to agree with Fowler that if you introduce
a large separation between the two parts, it becomes ugly.  Sainsbury's
shampoo used to contain whatever it was "to gently but thoroughly
cleanse the hair", which is pushing it a bit in my opinion.  It
gets really silly when there is a list of infinitives, and only a
single "to".  For example, "this company aims to: i) ensure consumer
satisfaction with our products; ii) nurture and develop human resources;
iii) make a big fat profit".  Still, the split infinitives are probably
the least of your problems there...

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Leicester, UK | want to know what closures are." -- Larry Wall

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