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filesize -> variable

In article <>,
Adam Price <> wrote:
>Get your attributions right, the first line you quote is Kens not

That's why it's got an extra '>'.  Sorry if I confused anyone.

>This from the man page from stat on Tru64
>  int stat(const char *path,struct stat *buffer );
>suggests to me that wc would need a file name to use if it were
>to call stat.

Sure, but just a few lines down you'll see fstat().

    int fstat(int filedes, struct stat *buffer);

>The comment was intended to ask if wc in the form Ken used was
>really more efficient than the form without the redirect, and
>if so how.

Yes, it really is.

It's actually a little more subtle than just using fstat() and reporting
st.st_size.  In fact, GNU wc uses fstat() to establish if the file is a
regular file; if so, it uses lseek() to find the current position in the
file, and the end of the file, and reports the difference.

Unfortunately, Tru64 doesn't have a system call tracing command (that I
know of; if I'm wrong, *please* tell me!).  But where you do, it's easy
to see this.  Note that S_IFREG is stat()'s way of saying that standard
input is a regular file.

    ; strace wc -c < /etc/group
    fstat(0, {st_mode=S_IFREG|0555, st_size=730, ...}) = 0
    _llseek(0, 0, [0], SEEK_CUR)            = 0
    _llseek(0, 0, [730], SEEK_END)          = 0

This extra wrinkle is necessary for the case, which can only occur for
standard input, when part of the file has already been consumed by
another process.

    ; wc -c < /etc/group
    ; { perl -e 'sysread(STDIN, $x, 123)'; wc -c } < /etc/group

>PS The red herring about UUOC wouldn't make my question more or less

It was partly an (obviously poor) attempt at humour, but also to
emphasise this difference between a pipe and a redirect.  Again, a
system call trace makes it quite clear: this time fstat() says that
standard input is a pipe (S_IFIFO), so wc actually has to read() it.

    ; cat /etc/group | strace wc -c
    fstat(0, {st_mode=S_IFIFO|0600, st_size=730, ...}) = 0
    read(0, "system:*:0:root,cgp,phi,swp,rgg,"..., 16384) = 730
    read(0, "", 16384)                      = 0

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Leicester, UK | want to know what closures are." -- Larry Wall

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