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How to rebuild the Rc shell with editline?

In article <>,
Eugene Dragoev  <> wrote:
>I need some help rebuilding the the Rc shell to include editline.

First, please make sure you are using rc-1.6, which was released last
week.  You can get it from here.

>I tried:
>switch while using configure but it did'n work. Got message "Can't find
>library edit..."
>I did put editlib.a in the same directory as the all other *.c and *.o

(I hope you mean `libedit.a'.)

Libraries are searched for in a number of standard places, but the
current directory isn't one of them.  To tell the linker to look for
libraries in the current directory, you need to set the LIBS environment
variable, like this (syntax works for sh and rc).

    LIBS=-L. sh configure --with-editline

This is explained in the INSTALL file in the release.

>And one more question - the size of the executable I got is:
>232337 bytes  (this is rc v1.6)
>while the FreeBSD packaged executable v1.5 had size only 76744 bytes.

You should use the `size' command to compare the sizes of executables; I
think you'll find that the larger one is unstripped. ("Unstripped" means
that it still contains symbol information; necessary if you want to run
rc under a symbolic debugger, like gdb.  If you're not likely to be
debugging rc, you can use the `strip' command to lose this information.)

Hope this helps; if not, please feel free to contact me directly.

Tim Goodwin   | `I can't believe that someone is releasing
University of | something called "Unix" without something
Leicester, UK | called "/bin/sh".' -- Randal L. Schwartz

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From: (Tim J Goodwin)
Subject: Re: How to rebuild the Rc shell with editline?
Date: 1 Jun 1999 11:46:34 +0100
Organization: University of Leicester, UK
Message-ID: <7j0dma$ugu$>
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◅ Exported aliasses ?

Release of rc-1.6 ▻