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named won't load secondary zone

In article <313eli$>, Gary Mills
<> wrote:
>Can somebody suggest where I should look next?

My standard approach in a case like this is to try it `by hand'.  First
make sure that

    dig @ soa

returns an authoritative answer (`flags: aa') with a sensible SOA record.

If that looks ok, make sure that

    dig @ axfr

works ok.

I've tried these from here, and I'm not getting an authoritative answer
to the SOA query, so this is your problem.  BIND 4.9.3, at least, does
log this error.

You need to contact whoever's in charge of this machine and find out
why it's not serving authoritative data for this zone.  Assuming it's
supposed to be, the most likely problem is an error in named.boot or the
zone file.

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From: (Tim Goodwin)
Subject: Re: named won't load secondary zone
Date: 27 Jul 1994 12:33:54 +0100
Organization: PIPEX, 216 Science Park, Cambridge, England
Message-ID: <315gn2$>
References: <313eli$>

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◅ Newbie DNS questions

Newbie DNS questions ▻