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HELP! I can't install qmail

In article <>, harry  <> wrote:
>I may be not very clever... But I found qmail as hard to install as

I suggest you look for help with qmail on the qmail mailing list:  It's not really appropriate for

>I operate a linux box that serves a few domains and Im trying to install
>a mail delivery that support  multiple domains. It simple in terms of
>web (apache do it fine). But hard in terms of mail.

This is very straightforward to set up with qmail.

>Your hostname is akira.
>hard error
>Sorry, I couldn't find your host's canonical name in DNS.
>You will have to set up control/me yourself.

Don't panic!  The only problem is that your DNS resolver libraries
couldn't get from the hostname `akira' to the fully qualified
name `'.  You can solve this by adding this line to


If that doesn't fix it, you can always set up control/me manually.

    # echo > /var/qmail/control/me

>I've no idea about how is the format of  /qmail/control files

Type `man qmail-control', and you will be enlightened :-).

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