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sender authentification

In article <>, Igor V. Semenyuk <>
quotes part of section 5.2.5 of RFC 1123 and asks:
>I ask because I have seen a few hosts (all running PP as MTA)
>refusing to accept messages from our system.

I have strenuously argued on various mailing lists that this is bogus
behaviour and---despite the claims of confused people---the existence
or otherwise of a correct mapping for the sender-SMTP has
nothing whatsoever to do with the ability of the receiver-SMTP to return
a bounce in the case of a delivery problem.

To no avail.

I'm afraid RFC 1123 is no help here, since PP rejects the SMTP
connection attempt (`421 <domain>: PP cannot resolve your address') even
before the HELO command.

The good news is that this is only the default behaviour: it is
optional, and you should ask the administrators of the broken systems to


to the definition of the SMTP channel in their pptailor file.  (I also
object to the use of such a pejorative term to turn off this bogosity.)

Nothing much to do with sendmail any more; followups to comp.mail.misc.

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