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smtpd problems in qmail!

In article <>,
cjf  <> wrote:
>I have set up a qmail server on the network at my university, and
>have generally got things up and running. The nagging problem
>that I have is that qmail is not receiving mail sent from other
>mail servers in the same department.

Pound to a penny they're trying to use sendmail's "ether" mailer, which
is exactly like SMTP, but using LF line endings instead of CRLF.  Qmail
doesn't accept such stupidity.


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Subject: Re: (not an) RFC: mailbox format
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>...                                                                I can
>imagine instances in which "^A^A^A^A\n" is a perfectly good chunk of an
>encrypted file or perhaps a piece of a binary picture of madonna naked.

And I can imagine instances in which "\nFrom " is a perfectly good
chunk of ASCII text.

In either case, character stuffing is the solution.  You could even,
golly, make it transparent to the user.

[ Nah, that'd be no fun: anyone who composes a message with the word
From at the beginning of a line deserves to lose :-). ]

I regret to report that PP (which uses MMDF style maildrop files) does
no such character stuffing (from which I assume that MMDF doesn't
either).  Sigh.

Actually, since MMDF and PP use ^A^A^A^A\n at both the beginning and
end of the message, there's only really a problem if you get the
sequence "^A^A^A^A\n^A^A^A^A\n" in your message.  PP doesn't try to
cope with this either :-(.

Hmm.  It's hard to think of another interface that's as poorly defined
as that between MTA and MUA.  (I don't think POP or Pcmail count:
they're split-UA protocols.)  Has there been any work on this?  Even a
simple catalogue of the various formats in use would be worthwhile.

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