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comp.mail.mime FAQ - call for new maintainer(s)

In article <>, John Gardiner Myers
<jgm+@CMU.EDU> wrote:
> (Donald W. Jackson) writes:
>> I recently received a message from someone using MIME.  I don't have access
>> to anything that works with MIME, and need to decode the message posthaste!
>This is turning into a really frequently asked question.  I don't
>think the FAQ is adequately dealing with it.

I agree.

Unfortunately, this isn't the FAQ's biggest problem at the moment.  Even
more pressing are the facts that i) it hasn't been posted in so long
it's now expired, and ii) it hasn't been updated for even longer than

Since I don't see any prospect of my workload diminishing, I've
reluctantly decided it's time to hand the FAQ on to somebody else.

So, I'm looking for volunteers.  The basic requirement is sufficient
time and energy to update and post the FAQ each month.  This is not
particularly onerous; about 3 hours per month should be plenty (and
there's scope for more automation than I use).  After this, there are
almost limitless opportunities to spend more time on it; I have plenty
of ideas which I never got round to implementing.

Please let me know if you're interested.

I don't see any reason why the FAQ should necessarily remain the
responsibility of one person; a small team could do the job very well.
(It could also do it very badly, of course.)

I intend to go through the stack of updates I have, and post `my' final
version in a few days' time, to give the new maintainer(s) a relatively
clean slate.

Thanks for your support over the last year and a bit.  Particular thanks
to Ed Vielmetti, for starting the FAQ in the first place.  I'm sorry I
haven't taken care of it as well as I might.

Tim Goodwin        | "Consider Microsoft defining the network that connects
Public IP Exchange | all our TV's, telephones, and computers." -- Rob Pike

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From: (Tim Goodwin)
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Subject: comp.mail.mime FAQ - call for new maintainer(s) (was Re: Help with MIME (a couple for the FAQ))
Date: 25 May 1994 18:36:26 +0100
Organization: PIPEX, 216 Science Park, Cambridge CB4 4WA, England
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