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Wanted: example MIME mailbox

In article <>
(Felix S. Gallo) writes:
>Hi.  I've looked for a bit, but I can't find an example MIME
>mailbox containing enough exciting stuff to really exercise
>my reader's abilities (and/or compliance).  The whizbangier,
>the better.  If someone could point me in the right direction,
>I'd be much obliged.

Have you looked at the examples in


In article <1993Jul28.092150.9256@prim>
(Dave Griffiths) writes:
>I'd like to see more MIME news articles, but in the groups I subscribe to I
>have yet to see even a basic rich text MIME article.
>Why is this?

Well, according to the FAQ (if you know better, please tell me!) there
are only three newsreaders with MIME support: trn3, the latest beta
version of nn, and the gnus-mime.el package for GNUS (also beta).

That means probably less than 1% of the USENET population can display
MIME properly, let alone compose it.

(I haven't heard much about the son-of-1036 recently.  Is anyone
working on this?  Henry?)

Tim Goodwin |  or | Usenet will also be converted to OSI-based
PIPEX Ltd   | | services in the long term - B Plattner et al.

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Date: 30 Jul 1993 12:51:46 +0100
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