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A "getc()" problem

In article <>,
Sam Ganesan  <> wrote:
>I am using a Sun running Solaris 2.4.  [...]
>system ("stty cbreak");

On my Solaris 2.4 system, this says

    unknown mode: cbreak

and, as you might expect, doesn't produce any output till I hit <enter>.

I can produce the effect you are looking for with

    system 'stty -icanon min 1 time 0'; # Wait for ever for 1 character.
    system 'stty icanon';

See termio(7) for the gory details.  I believe this is POSIXly
correct, so is probably reasonably portable.

But why not let somebody else do the hard work?  From the module

::ReadKey      rdcf  Read keystrokes and change terminal modes    KJALB

(Tim: I believe that should read `Rdcf'.)

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◅ How to Redirect STDOUT?

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