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Memory reallocators

In article <>,
Richard Bos <> wrote (quoting me):
>> I've recently come to the distressing conclusion that C is the wrong
>> language in which to write a memory reallocator.
>Out of curiosity, can you explain that?

Sure.  Perhaps a better way to say it would be that either interface can
easily be called wrongly.

With the standard realloc() interface,

    void *realloc(void *, size_t);

it's tempting to write code like this.

    x = realloc(x, n);
    if (!x) {
        ... deal with error

But in the event of an allocation failure, you've just lost your buffer
and created a memory leak.  This might be acceptable if you're going to
call exit() as soon as there's an allocation failure (which is actually
a reasonable strategy for many small programs).  But if you need to
clean up, or attempt any sort of recovery, you need to write this.

    y = realloc(x, n);
    if (y)
        x = y;
    else {
        ... deal with error: x still points to original buffer

Similarly, with the interface proposed by Steve Maguire,

    int resize_memory(void **, size_t);

it's easy to write this.

    if (!resize_memory(&x, n)) {
        ... deal with error

This should elicit a warning from your compiler: adding a cast will
likely shut up the compiler, but not actually fix the code.  You can't
use `void **' as a generic pointer-to-pointer, although you can get away
with it on most common architectures.  To make this code right, you need
to introduce a real object with type `void *' somewhere.

    void *v;

    v = x;
    if (!resize_memory(&v, n)) {
        ... deal with error
    x = v;

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