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Best Restaurant In Cambridge

In article <35oqqt$>, Olivier Suard
<> wrote:
>> Why oh why do people think that it's somehow "strict" to be a
>> vegetarian and not eat fish? Vegetarian means "eats vegetables only".
>BTW, aren't vegeterians allowed to eat cheese (without animal fat),
>yoghurt, eggs etc.?

Am I the only one who finds discussions like this amusing?

There is no Church of Vegetarianism, with a fixed dogma of what its
disciples may and may not eat; nor even a Language Police, to ensure
that words are always used within a universally agreed definition.

Different people eat different things.  If they find a useful label to
apply to their diet, they are free to do so.

If it matters (such as when you're cooking a meal for someone) you
really have no choice but to ask them what they eat.  But since even
meat-eaters usually have individual dislikes, this is probably a good
idea anyway.

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