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Why Haskell Is My Favourite Programming Language

Here is a question to which I do not know the answer.

"What is your favourite cheese?"

Most of the time, I'd reply "Emmental", but then what about Blue Stilton, Red Leicester, Gouda with Cumin seeds, or even a good strong Cheddar? There's no single answer, but it doesn't matter: de gustibus non disputandum est, and pass the crackers...

But now consider another question, which might appear to be similarly aporetic.

"What is your favourite programming language?"

There are many programming languages of which I am very fond, and several others with which I have had a long-term love/hate relationship. But there is a clear favourite: Haskell. The thing is, programming in Haskell is qualitatively different from any other programming language. This article describes, in general terms, the key features of Haskell that make this so. It is advocacy, not tutorial.